Nether Review

Nether Review

Nether Review

Nether’s dire world can be immersive, but glaring issues ranging from unbalanced mechanics to glitches prevent you from getting swept away.

Why do I play NetherGames?

Why do I play NetherGames? Why not Hive or Cubecraft? Today i’ll be answering that question along with some reasons why people should stop hating on the server.
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Nether Game Review

Survive the world of Nether like waiting in line for a roller coaster, with this review by TheEvilChicken aka Conner.

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Why Nether Failed

Nether was an indie survival game that had a ton of potential. It experienced extreme growth, and had a chance at becoming something truly popular and amazing. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and it failed to deliver to players what they were expecting.

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The Nether Review ★★★★

Official Theatre reviews The Nether, running at the Duke of York’s Theatre. TJennifer Haley’s The Nether transfers from the Royal Court Theatre.
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