When a star blows up, someone’s going to pay.

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Alaska’s Vengeance dropped out of hyperdrive and straight into hell.
“Shields up, full power.” Captain Dani Devereaux unclipped her harness and leapt out of her seat in one graceful motion. Her eyes studied the battlefield displayed on the large screen before the crew as she gave her next command. “Begin evasive maneuvers.”
“You got it, Captain,” First Officer Jag Reinhart called from his station. He projected the ship’s status and expertly manipulated the holograph. “Shields are up and here we go!”
The scene before them jolted sideways as the battleship veered to the side to avoid a barrage of fire. Dani stood in the middle of the bridge, watching the action unfold before her on the floor-to-ceiling display. The ship’s artificial gravity field worked relative to the ship, so despite the banks and rolls, she was able to maintain her balance effortlessly.
“Incoming communication,” Communications Officer Cassia Simpkins announced from her station seat.
“Let’s see it. Half screen.”
Bernard Winston, Captain of the Louisiana, appeared on the left half of the screen. “It’s about time you got here.”
“My deepest apologies for the delay, Captain Winston. We were held up in PS709 cleaning up another Vaerian attack. It seems they’re targeting all planetary systems containing glowshard. The GC’s resources have been spread thin, but we’re here now.” Dani bowed her head respectfully to the captain.
Captain Winston nodded. “I understand. Our situation is dire. We’ve lost most of our fighters. An unfortunate accident sent one of our own into our main engine, so we’re currently unable to make a hop, much less warp to safety.”
Dani nodded as she watched the Vaerian fighters whiz around the massive Louisiana, hitting it with a bombardment of white energy blasts. The fighters swarmed like insects against the massive Class-A warship, but with enough time they would be able to break through the Louisiana’s defenses.
“Where’s the Vaerian destroyer?” she asked, noting the absence of the fighter’s mothership.
Captain Winston smirked. “We got off a pretty good shot and damaged the ship. It limped out to the outer planets, but we’ve been unable to pursue.”
“Cruz, scan for the destroyer, please.” A hand popped up in the air from the navigation area and gave a quick wave.
“Shields at thirty percent,” a voice on the Louisiana called from off screen.
“Don’t worry, Captain Winston.” Dani read the concern on his face. “We’re on it.”
She returned to her seat and said into the ship’s PA system, “Alright, team, get out there and give them the fight they’re looking for.”
Dani brought up a small holographic screen displaying the fighters docked on the back of her ship and watched them take off two by two. Though she carried a considerably smaller crew, they were the best of the best. Every fighter pilot in the Galactic Conglomerate longed to be aboard Alaska’s Vengeance for both the prestige and the rescue missions.
Dani turned back to Captain Winston. “Help is on the way, Captain. Stay safe.”
With a nod, Captain Winston blipped off of the screen, the battlefield screen enlarging once more.
Dani scowled at the Vaerian fighters as they tore around a nearby moon before zipping back toward the Louisiana. Part of her missed being directly in the action as she listened to the GC pilots strategize through her earpiece. They were a well-oiled team, having worked innumerable similar missions together. Often, Dani and her crew were tied up with the battleship while her fighter pilots eliminated the small threats. However, with the Vaerian battleship’s absence, Dani felt the tug of battle.
“Let’s help them out, Jag.”
“My pleasure, Captain.” A maniacal grin crept across his face as he opened links with the automated gunners on all sides of the ship.

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