Horizon Zero Dawn Passes 20 Million Copies Sold Ahead Of Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn Passes 20 Million Copies Sold Ahead Of Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn Passes 20 Million Copies Sold Ahead Of Forbidden West

The 2017 game has reached a major new sales milestone.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons & How To Get Them (All Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Weapons)

Horizon Forbidden West best weapons (Horizon Forbidden West Weapons)
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All Rebel Camp locations: https://www.powerpyx.com/horizon-forbidden-west-all-rebel-camp-locations/

All Black Boxes: https://www.powerpyx.com/horizon-forbidden-west-all-black-box-locations/

All Relic Ruins: https://www.powerpyx.com/horizon-forbidden-west-relic-ruins-guide-locations-walkthrough/

All Hunting Grounds: https://www.powerpyx.com/horizon-forbidden-west-hunting-grounds-trials-guide/

Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Weapons Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:22 The Sun Scourge (Hunter Bow)
01:29 Death Seeker’s Shadow (Hunter Bow)
02:37 The Blast Forge (Boltblaster)
04:55 Forgefall (Sharpshot Bow)
06:06 Skykiller (Spike Thrower)
07:07 Wings of the Ten (Blastsling)
08:16 Ancenstor’s Return (Shredder Gauntlet)
09:33 Tinker’s Pride (Tripcaster)
10:23 Carja’s Bane (Warrior Bow)

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TALLNECK Machine Spotlight – Horizon Forbidden West

The Tallneck is one of the 21 machines returning in Horizon Forbidden West, initially introduced in Horizon Zero Dawn. In this installment of Machine Spotlight, I cover everything you need to know about the Tallneck!

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Complete History of Horizon: Zero Dawn to Forbidden West

In this video, we explore the a comprehensive timeline that ties the Horizon Universe together. For experienced players, and those new to this world, this will get you up to speed before the sequel. From the beginnings of Zero Dawn, all the way up to Forbidden west, no stone is left unturned.



The Patient Wolf

Horizon Lore Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_bvUhZdESJO7INjNtA4lHjjy6HLPDAiU

Horizon Lore Play-through: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ08I-MCqvY5aouWhCs2EXeg8E3Hs2AOG

Video Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
1:14 The Die Off
4:30 The Clawback
9:55 Rise of Machines
17:51 The Glitch
22:15 Project Zero Dawn
30:01 The Faro Plague
33:32 Odyssey Launches
34:25 Fall of Enduring Victory
36:04 Zero Day
39:04 The Purge
41:02 Re-Terraforming
45:20 Formation of the Tribes
48:56 The Sun Kings
53:46 Transmission & Derangement
56:52 The Red Raids
1:02:44 The Liberation
1:05:51 Shadow Carja and Eclipse
1:10:56 The Proving
1:15:38 Out of the Sacred Land
1:17:18 Into the Sundom
1:18:44 Uncovering the Past
1:21:34 Captured
1:23:16 Return to the Cradle
1:24:53 Master Override
1:25:45 The Frozen Wilds
1:27:33 Battle of the Alight
1:31:30 Aftermath
1:33:20 Special thanks and conclusion

Horizon Zero Dawn vs Horizon Forbidden West – Comparison of Details! [4K]

How improved 2022’s Horizon Forbidden West when compared to Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017? Let’s compare the details and graphics between the games.
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AC Valhalla vs Horizon Forbidden West
�� https://youtu.be/3vCMJqD16rg

Timestamps (Thanks MikaGamerVN for adding)
0:00 Ground vegetation (Interactions)
1:40 Arrows
2:15 Fire
2:36 Mount/Charger
3:14 Water
3:45 Swimming
5:20 Balancing on Rope
5:55 Character/Model (Appearance)
6:20 Photo Mode (Focus)
7:28 Fire Arrows vs Water
8:29 Climbing
9:26 Environments
12:04 Outro

Played with PS5 and recorded with Elgato 4k60S+
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro (4K60fps, Bitrate = 30 Mbps)

Music used:
Away – Patrick Patrikios
Outlaw’s Farewell (part I) – Reed Mathis
Sad Piano Wind – Coyote Hearing
Traversing – Godmode
Fast and Run – Nico Staf
Does It Float_ – Otis McDonald
Squadda B TV – Squadda B
Yo Picasso – Verified Picasso
Drifting at 432 Hz – Unicorn Heads

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