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The aim for this site is to connect the authors of high quality sci-fi with readers who are willing to purchase their books.

Books listed on the site ought to be newsworthy in some way, so a new release or a discount are good, but there may be other reasons why your book should be listed, e.g. you may have been nominated for a prize or won an award.

If you’re a big-hitter in the world of SF, i.e. a bestseller in a major category, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll arrange a special featured spot for you.

Everyone else, please remember that while I’m always looking for books to promote, this site is carefully curated. The choices I make are highly subjective, so please don’t be downhearted if your work isn’t selected.

Here are the general criteria to get you to the starting blocks:

  • Your book needs 10+reviews with an average of 4+ unless it’s a new release
  • Your cover needs to look pro
  • Your excerpt must have been edited and must be grammatically correct
  • Your book must be a new release or discounted
  • If discounted, please remember that although your book will appear on the date you choose, the newsletter goes out on the following Friday – it will help your book sales if it is still discounted when that email goes out
  • Your book can’t be free.

After that, I’ll look at the cover and read the excerpt.

To apply for possible inclusion on this site, please visit the submissions page.

If your book is chosen and appears on the site, it will be in the weekly newsletter. The newsletter is automated.

If your excerpt grabs me, I may read it on the podcast, giving you more exposure.

While not everyone is selected for this site, there is a FaceBook group where you can help each other out, e.g. through newsletter swaps: The Collective SF Promo Group

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