Our carefully selected choice of sci-fi bargains and new releases

Chromed: Upgrade: A Cyberpunk Adventure Epic – Special offer on Amazon
Richard Parry

It’s 2150AD. There hasn’t been a corporate war… until now.

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Glory Boy – special offer
Rick Partlow

Caleb Mitchell had to leave his home in order to save it.

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Vacuums Suck Hard!: Adventures of the USS BIG STICK – New Release
J.R. Handley

What could possibly go wrong? A few Space Marines stumble into a fight they never knew they always wanted against the galaxy’s most unlikely foe, Space TARTS!

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This Week’s Post is Sponsored by: Wall by Michael Campling

One Family’s Struggle to Survive in a Harsh Alien World.

They are lost, they are alone, but at least they’re sure of their survival. Until now.

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