AMC Stubs A-List Prices Are Rising, But This Isn’t A MoviePass Situation Yet

AMC Stubs A-List Prices Are Rising, But This Isn’t A MoviePass Situation Yet

AMC Stubs A-List Prices Are Rising, But This Isn’t A MoviePass Situation Yet

Your AMC Stubs A-List price might be rising in 2019.

AMC Theatre A-List Program – IS IT WORTH IT?!

In this video we talk about our first experiences with the new AMC A-List program.

***Any and all opinions in this video are the opinions of our own and do not reflect AMC Theatre’s opinions.***

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Reinventing the Movies: MoviePass vs. AMC A-List | Pricing Page Teardown

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This week, Patrick Campbell and Peter Zotto teardown the subscription movie theater products MoviePass and AMC A-List. Will their pricing strategies live up to the hype?


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Big Changes for AMC Stubs A-List May Be the End of MoviePass


Hey guys! This is the second part of the video wherein I’ll be explaining how we got free movie to see Avengers: Endgame tickets FOR FREE! If you haven’t seen the first video, here is the link:

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