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Drew Avera



Beyond being the mastermind behind the Collective, Drew Avera is a Navy veteran and the bestselling author of the Dead Planet series and the Alorian Wars. He grew up in Mississippi and enlisted in the Navy at seventeen. Since then, he has deployed four times in support of operations overseas. Additionally, he composes music inspired by his worlds with his recording project Obsolium. Drew currently resides in Virginia with his wife and daughters.

Saffron Bryant



Saffron (aka Doctor Bryant) is a chemist by trade, but in her spare time she combines her love of Doctor Who, Firefly and Tomb Raider into action-packed science fiction stories. She promises female heroes (without the romance!).

Michael Campling



I am a full-time writer working across several genres including colonization and cyberpunk, but I have been a computer programmer, a website builder, a full-time dad, and a primary school teacher. I’m known to friends as Mikey, and my blog (and scintillating newsletter) are run from mikeycampling.com where you can sign up for my readers’ group, and I’ll send you free books and stories, plus a newsletter that’s actually worth reading.

A.K. DuBoff



Amazon bestselling author A.K. (Amy) DuBoff has always loved science fiction in all forms, including books, movies, shows, and games. If it involves outer space, even better! As a full-time author, she can frequently be found traveling the world while writing character-driven science fiction, science-fantasy, and comedic sci-fi. When she’s not writing, she enjoys wine tasting, binge-watching TV series, and playing epic strategy board games.

Jon Evans



Jon writes military sci-fi with his brother in the Royal Marine Space Commandos universe. He is also writing a fantasy detective series, which is something of a passion project. When he’s not attending writing conferences, Jon exists in Cardiff, which the locals are keen to point out is not in England.

Kacey Ezell



Kacey Ezell is a USAF helicopter pilot who writes sci-fi/fantasy/alt history. She was a Dragon Award finalist in 2018, and her stories have twice been featured in Baen’s Year’s Best Mil/Adventure SF compilation. In 2018, her story won the 2018 Baen Reader’s Choice Award.

K. Gorman



A Science Fiction and Fantasy author from Western Canada. She likes history, enjoys long walks on cold west coast beaches, and possesses an aberrant fear of blank Word files. In addition to her sci-fi series, The Eurynome Code, she has also written several titles in The Elemental Wars and Fury of the Wind, which feature a modern world with Elemental magic.

J.R. Handley


J.R. Handley is a pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team. He is a veteran infantry sergeant with the 101st Airborne Division and the 28th Infantry Division. She is the kind of crazy that interprets his insanity into cogent English. He writes the sci-fi while she proofreads it. The sergeant is a two-time combat veteran of the late unpleasantness in Mesopotamia where he was wounded, and he hopes to entertain you while he attempts to excise his demons through his writing.

Richard Parry



Richard Parry worked as an international consultant in one of the world’s top tech companies, which sounds cool, but it wasn’t all cocaine parties. He lives in Wellington with the love of his life, Rae. They have a dog, Rory, who chases birds. The birds, who have the power of flight, don’t seem to mind.

Rick Partlow



Rick Partlow is a native Floridian with a degree in History, and a former platoon leader in the US Army infantry. He currently lives in central Florida with his wife, two children and a willful mutt of a dog. Besides writing and reading science fiction and fantasy, he enjoys outdoor photography, hiking and camping. He has written 20 books in six different series, and his short stories have been included in seven different anthologies.

James David Victor


James David Victor is the pen name used by Dave and Shannon VanBergen for co-authored science fiction projects. It is their way of sharing a wide variety of stories by working with multiple other talented authors.

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