As you know on the 24th of October we are having our pre-Halloween party on Facebook. As a pre-pre-Halloween treat, The Collective Scifi and I are proud to introduce our newest release, Head of Steel. Head of Steel is based on the classic Serbian folk tale Bas Celik.

There is a legend that an Emperor had three beautiful daughters and three sons. As he lay dying in his bed, he made one last command: his daughters would be married to the first men who asked. The Beloved Emperor dies with no heir. The two oldest brothers are vehemently opposed to sending their sisters off with any man who asks. The youngest wants to honor his Father’s wishes.

The brothers plot against each other. Difficult choices have to be made. Mysterious warnings are given that both intrigue and confuse the new Emperor.

Head of Steel cover

We hope you enjoy this new offering.

Thank you from The Collective.

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I was born into a large Italian family in a small town in Central Florida. Everything I have done or will ever do is for my family. I love science fiction and have spent the better part of 35 years reading it every chance I get. I have also written since I was young, so a few years ago I decided to write the Great American Novel. It still sitting in one of my files because science fiction is so much more fun to write. My books tend toward dystopian science fiction with a strong survival element. How that came about I don't know because my idea of survival is ordering room service. A portion of all the proceeds from the sales of my books goes to The Ronald McDonald House and the American Cancer Society.

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