Log Entry 0002

My eyes opened again. The same scene of chaos.

While I had been writing, more of my memories had come back. The history of my people. Their ruin by the people of Earth. We had found them centuries before. We ignored them because they had not even sent manned space craft out of their own solar system.

They had come in massive ships of war. After ruining their home planet, they had set off to ruin ours. We were a peaceful people and they destroyed everything we had known. We fought in vain. We were far more advanced than they were, they far outnumbered us. Wave after wave of them came. Wave after relentless wave, until all that was left were a few thousand of my people in the capitol city of Malhuer. Cinera had fallen. My planet was devastated.

Two millennium later I was born. The humans had taken over. They had pushed us from our capitol and into small farming communities. We kept to ourselves, only being with the humans when needs must. The humans claimed Cinera as their own planet. They no longer taught of Earth. In their minds it never existed. We were free to do as we pleased, but we had to pay tribute to their Empress.

I was walking through one of the small markets in our little town, I cannot remember its name, when I saw her. She was bending over and smelling some Flavo flowers. Even with her face hidden by the flowers, I could tell she was beautiful. She must have sensed my staring because she turned and looked at me. Her eyes were the same color as the Flavo. She smiled at me as she stood up. I smiled back.

She took me by surprise when she walked up to me and introduced herself. I dare not remember her name! It’s too much! I must stop this! There is no point in my remembering these painful things.

Flashes. Always small flashes of memories come to me. The detestable man who had offered me a job. I now knew he was one of the Undesirables. I remember his loathsome smile as I signed the contract. My signature must have been some kind of signal. One second I was in my home, the next I was in a white room.

What had happened? What had gone wrong? I looked around, hoping to see someone. Nothing. I could see sparks now and then, but that was all. I struggled to break free. I was done with this. Signed contract or not, this was not what I signed up for. I could feel the Embrosis starting to flow again. NO! I didn’t want this anymore.

Tears were coming from my eyes as I struggled. I reached up and tried to yank the hose free again. It wouldn’t come free. The Embrosis was taking control again. I couldn’t….

I pulled my desk to me. Picked up my pen and started to write.

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I was born into a large Italian family in a small town in Central Florida. Everything I have done or will ever do is for my family. I love science fiction and have spent the better part of 35 years reading it every chance I get. I have also written since I was young, so a few years ago I decided to write the Great American Novel. It still sitting in one of my files because science fiction is so much more fun to write. My books tend toward dystopian science fiction with a strong survival element. How that came about I don't know because my idea of survival is ordering room service. A portion of all the proceeds from the sales of my books goes to The Ronald McDonald House and the American Cancer Society.

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