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Derelict: Halcyone Space book 1 by Lisa Cohen

When a young engineer repairs a derelict spaceship’s damaged AI, she and her accidental crew expose secrets from a war they thought ended decades ago

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Recreance – Book One of the Aeternum Chronicles by H.G. Chambers

When Oren and Clementine are cast out from New Arcadia and forced into the Miralaja desert, they must survive the dark Ministry agents hunting them.

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1799 Planetfall by Amos Peverill

Crash landing on a primitive world is worth celebrating—if you walk away—but you’d think Earth people had never seen a girl with a tail!

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CHEATC0DE by Mikey Campling

Most people play the game: total immersion VR with full neural sync. But Hank lives it. In Unlimited Combat, he’s one of the best. He makes his own luck. And he plays solo. Until now.

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NB: This book is not a reduced price item.

The Expanding Universe 3 – a space opera and scifi adventure anthology

Twenty-five authors come together in one stunning package of scifi adventure.

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