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Latest Log Enries

Character Interview

From the Collective Scifi newsdesk. Emperor Least of Head of Stell fame gives his first interview.   Emperor Least? By Chiaron Rose As I walked up the steps to the Royal Palace, I couldn’t help but be awed by its magnificence. I, like everyone else, had... read more

Keep Sci-Fi on the Agenda at Amazon

My new sci-fi novel, CHEATC0DE, is in the Kindle Scout Program. If you haven’t heard of the program, here’s a link to my entry so you can see for yourself – it opens in a new tab so you can keep reading: my entry on Kindle Scout The Kindle Scout... read more

The Diary of Jiao Deg Me- 3

Log Entry 0003 Something was going on. I was awake more now. The Embrosis seemed to be losing its hold on me. Her face. It was always her face I woke up to. We were going to be married. The big party when we announced we would marry. Happiness. The man had come. He... read more

The Journal of Areva- 3

The ointment smeared over my left eye, clouding my vision like some kind of cloth used to keep the truth hidden from a captive. My right eye adjusted to the loss of depth perception as I continued to write history into existence. The burning sensation was dying down,... read more

The Journal of Areva – 2

My eyes widened as the scroll fell open, revealing the contents of storied past. The embrosis hadn’t fully awakened my mind yet after the briefest of slumbers and here I sat, heartbroken at what vileness I had rendered with ink and parchment. Scribbling of madness... read more

Log File 003: Skin-Deep

Log File for: Wifelier Docht Date: 2797 DSP (Dark Star Paradoxum) Skin-deep Will I ever escape? Do I dare think this? How many times over the 300 years have my thoughts drifted to fleeing this hell… I fear I will forever be tethered to this ageless thing. I am doomed... read more

Treat Time

As you know on the 24th of October we are having our pre-Halloween party on Facebook. As a pre-pre-Halloween treat, The Collective Scifi and I are proud to introduce our newest release, Head of Steel. Head of Steel is based on the classic Serbian folk tale Bas Celik.... read more

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