Mikey Campling’s new sci-fi novel, Cheatc0de is available now for pre-order Worldwide at a discounted price – approx 50% off – but that price won’t last.

Use the buttons below to find Cheatc0de, but new stores are coming on line at the moment, so if you don’t see your favourite store, please search for Cheatc0de and make sure you put a zero instead of the letter O.

You can pre-order CHEATC0DE from the following links: Amazon USA  Amazon UK  iTunes  Kobo

Launch Date is 12 March

Here’s the book’s trailer:


Here’s a note from the author – Mikey Campling

I’ll keep the price low for as long as possible for you guys, but it will be going up to full price before long.

I’d hate you to miss out – pre-ordering will ensure you get the best price. I promise that I won’t be reducing the price again for quite some time.

Some Background Info

CHEATC0DE was great fun to write. It’s quite different to my other work, and it presented a number of unique challenges. Although I am a UK author, I decided to set this book in the USA, and for that reason it made sense for me to use US spellings and conventions. Also, this book is crammed with action, so I decided to write it in the present tense. On top of these challenges, the book is part technothriller and part science fiction, so I had to make sure that the mechanics of the virtual reality game made sense. Because this book is set in the near future, I could take some liberties with the weapons used in the game, but they are all based on weapons that are used today.

But setting all the mechanical details aside, this book is in part a coming-of-age story. There are themes of trust, loyalty, and the bond between serving soldiers and between father and son.
Interestingly, this story came about thanks to my involvement with the group of sci-fi authors from around the world. We call ourselves The Collective SciFi, and we set out to write a collection of new science-fiction works, all inspired by classic tales from a variety of cultures. I began by examining one of my childhood favourites, The Silver Tinderbox, by the Brothers Grimm. I swapped the original tale’s world of witches and magic, for a world in which the magic of virtual reality has become a part of daily life. This gave me a wonderful canvas to draw on, and I was particularly excited by the idea that in virtual worlds, the identity of individuals becomes blurred. I love the idea that, when no one is who they appear to be, it can be very problematic deciding who to trust.
My stories tend to become quite complex, because I believe that readers enjoy tales they can get their teeth into. This story is no exception, and I’m sure you’ll have fun unpicking the different elements that go into this riproaring story.
There are several hidden references to the Brothers Grimm in the book – I wonder if you can spot them.
At the moment, this is a stand-alone book and I firmly believe that it makes a very satisfying read on its own. Having said that, I do love these characters, and I have some great ideas to take them further into their adventures.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading CHEATC0DE.

Prepare to Be Absorbed in SciFi

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