My new sci-fi novel, CHEATC0DE, is in the Kindle Scout Program.

If you haven’t heard of the program, here’s a link to my entry so you can see for yourself – it opens in a new tab so you can keep reading: my entry on Kindle Scout

The Kindle Scout program is run by Amazon to find new books to publish, and it seems a great opportunity for us to raise the sci-fi banner at Amazon. We want Amazon to sit up and take notice, not just of us here at The Collective SciFi, but of all sci-fi authors. Yes, there is already some great sci-fi out there, and much of it by indie authors, but we can’t rest.

Science Fiction is entering a brave new world in terms of cinema, with movies like The Martian making a stir around the world. But at its heart, Science Fiction is still based around the reading experience – those who love the book of The Martian will argue its merits over the film with their dying breath. As sci-fi readers, we all know that no multi-million dollar extravaganza can quite replicate the power of our imaginations when we’re locked into reading a really great sci-fi book. And the world of science fiction is a great fit for a publisher like Amazon. Science and science fiction move very quickly, and traditional publishers just can’t respond fast enough to the meet the needs of the sci-fi audience.

Who wants to wait over a year for a new book to come out? We’re used to writers like Hugh Howey releasing episodes in a matter of weeks, e.g. his popular Beacon 23 series:

Beacon 23: The Complete Novel

Of course, Amazon have a sci-fi imprint in 47North, but even so, we must keep pushing at the boundaries; as sci-fi writers, it’s in our nature. So yes, I could have self-published CHEATC0DE, but when there’s an opportunity to poke the hornets’ nest, I say we pick up a stick (or a very long light saber) and start whacking.

Take a Look at the Sci-Fi Category

As sci-fi readers, we’re always looking for new books and new authors to try, and the sci-fi category is displayed on the Kindle Scout website, although it’s below the Romance section – I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

Anyone with an Amazon account can nominate up to three books, and if those books are published, those who’ve voted for them get an early free copy sent direct from Amazon. So check it out, you might find something new.

Here’s a link (new tab): sci-fi on kindle scout

If you nominate my book that’s wonderful and I’ll appreciate it very much indeed, but I’ll be very happy if you find a book you’ll enjoy. That’s what it’s all about – celebrating science fiction and bringing out as many cool new sci-fi books as possible.

So let’s do it – let’s shout out about sci-fi until the cow clones fly home.

* Drops the mic *
* Teleports away *


Just to tempt you, here’s my taster video for CHEATC0DE – I hope you enjoy it:

Thanks for taking the time.

As always, your comments will get a reply, and your tweets, shares etc. will be very much appreciated. And if you want to be a real rockstar, your nomination on Kindle Scout will be met with wild applause and frenzied adulation – from me anyway. Here’s that vital link, and thank you for your help and your support for sci-fi – You rock! View my Kindle Scout Entry

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