I’m busy with my story, Hameln-13, that will come out either in December or January next year. Hameln-13 is my retelling of the Pied Piper of Hamelin legend, but in this version the setting is a remote alien planet in a star system not yet fully mapped. As you know already, on our blog, we have log entries from various “scribes” tethered to an entity known only as the God-Machine. Their duty is to record newly created histories and chronicle the past.

If you’ve read these log entries you have an inkling of the circumstances and lot of those poor scribes, what they go through every second of their miserable lives, and how they struggle to remain sane. The stories we’ll soon release will showcase the fruit of their twisted labors. You’ll enter a world where reality is all wrong and screwy and instead of factual history, fairy tales and lore are somehow mistaken for historical fact. You can only imagine the chaos this will cause. Or can you…?

Which brings me to the reason for today’s post: The Collective SF is hosting a pre-Halloween Halloween party. We’ll be revealing some awesome stuff, including covers for our forthcoming stories and plot descriptions and we want you there. All of you.

Join us!

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