Book A Promo Post

Promotional posts are published on Mondays, and on publication, the post is sent to all followers of the blog by automated email.

General Rules for Inclusion

You should have:

  1. a professionally edited book with a professional looking cover
  2. at least 10 reviews with an average rating of 4 or more, unless it’s a new release i.e. in its first month of release
  3. a book priced at 99c for the whole week of your listing, that’s the whole 7 days, Monday to Sunday included
  4. a willingness to share the post with your newsletter subscribers – if you don’t do this, your book will be removed and you won’t be allowed to submit books again
  5. a willingness to share your the post with your social media contacts.

If you price your book incorrectly for the week your book is featured you will disappoint potential readers,  and since that will reflect badly on this site, we won’t allow you to submit books in future.

Please only submit each book once. You may come back and submit a different book, but please skip at least one week.

Any sub-genre of scifi is fine, but scifi must be your book’s primary genre. Sorry, but this isn’t the right site for erotica.

Box sets are fine. Anthologies are fine. Novellas are okay if over 30,000 words. Short stories aren’t suitable at the moment, but we may work on that for a separate feature.

Sorry, but no countdown deals as these are only in certain countries.

Please fill in the form very carefully. It will send you a copy of your entry automatically.

Since this is a free promo, it’s unlikely I’ll have time to notify everyone individually when books are included, but you can easily sign up for notifications via email. That way, you’ll see when your book is live, and you’ll be able to share the post easily: sign up here to be notified

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