Bargain Science Fiction Books and New Releases – 18 January

Bargain Science Fiction Books and New Releases – 18 January

Our carefully selected choice of sci-fi bargains and new releases

Chromed: Upgrade: A Cyberpunk Adventure Epic – Special offer on Amazon
Richard Parry

It’s 2150AD. There hasn’t been a corporate war… until now.

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Glory Boy – special offer
Rick Partlow

Caleb Mitchell had to leave his home in order to save it.

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Vacuums Suck Hard!: Adventures of the USS BIG STICK – New Release
J.R. Handley

What could possibly go wrong? A few Space Marines stumble into a fight they never knew they always wanted against the galaxy’s most unlikely foe, Space TARTS!

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This Week’s Post is Sponsored by: Wall by Michael Campling

One Family’s Struggle to Survive in a Harsh Alien World.

They are lost, they are alone, but at least they’re sure of their survival. Until now.

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Wall – Book I – Colony B – A Colonization SciFi Serial

Wall – Book I – Colony B – A Colonization SciFi Serial

Stay Behind the Wall. The Wall is Safety. The Wall is Survival.

But Know This: You Are Not Alone.

Far from Earth and shipwrecked on a desolate alien planet, a band of brave settlers strive to carve out a life for themselves on a range of hills while battling to hold back the carpet of deadly microorganisms that creeps across the lowlands below, devouring all in its path.
The settlers survive from day to day, but their lives are thrown into chaos on one fateful night when five of their young men and women go missing. And that’s when they see the lights. Out there in the deadly wasteland, there are headlights carving through the darkness.

Someone is coming. And perhaps, they mean to stay.

Find out more when you explore the world of Colony B, but for your own safety, stay behind the wall.

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