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Latest Log Enries

Woelf Dietrich: Art of Fantasy 100

We’ve been quiet for a while but that is only because we’re busy writing. However, today I have reason to smile. I published my 100th “Art of Fantasy” post on my blog earlier today. To celebrate the occasion I decided to look at the origins of... read more

Winds of Change

Sorry everyone, I know it’s been a while. The seasons changed and so did a lot of things in my life.   I had to move out of the place I called home for eighteen years. It was much harder than I thought it would be. I’m not a very sentimental person but after all... read more

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 In The Beginning My long term memory files haven’t been corrupted yet. I can remember the day I came online. I was just an infant, to borrow a human term. I didn’t know anything and was useless to those around me. The first thing I saw was the... read more

Log File 004: Hope

Log File 004: Wifelier Docht Date: 2798 DSP (Dark Star Epoch) A strange thing happened today. Or was it earlier this year? Or maybe last year? It happened fairly recent, I am certain. No, not certain. It’s hard to know anything for sure. My present status as scribe to... read more

The Desolate Sci-Fi Art of Michal Klimczak

Michal Klimczak hails from Poland and is a digital artist specialising in photo manipulation. Michal has noted that he draws inspiration from artists Allan Lee, HR Giger, and Michael Karcz. I’ve been eyeing Michal’s art for a while now. I’m struck by the immense... read more

The Fantasy Art of James Zapata

Today I present to you the fantasy art of James Zapata. He is an illustrator and concept artist from Brooklyn and has done work for Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, Telltale Games, Guerrilla Games, Passion Pictures NYC, Nathan Love, Applibot, and Games... read more

The Science Fiction Art of Eddie Del Rio

I write a weekly post over on Kōsa Press in which I feature science fiction art and artists. I also have a similar weekly post over on my blog but for fantasy art. Starting this week I will be sharing those posts here. Our first sci-fi artist is Eddie Del Rio who... read more

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